Rody and Leni's irreconcilable differences 1

Rody and Leni's irreconcilable differences

Vice President Leni Robredo has announced her resignation from President Rodrigo Duterte's Cabinet as housing secretary over "major differences in principles and values" after receiving instructions “to desist from attending all Cabinet meetings" starting December 5.

LOOK: Text telling Robredo to stop attending Cabinet meetings

Speaking to radio DZMM after the news broke, Secretary to the Cabinet Leoncio "Jun" Evasco, who sent Robredo the text message, confirmed that Duterte ordered Robredo to stop attending Cabinet meetings due to “irreconcilable differences.”

Duterte and Robredo were elected to the country's top two executive positions in the May polls even though they were from different political parties.

For the first time in recent Philippine history, the President and the Vice President were inaugurated in separate ceremonies.

Duterte initially said he will not be appointing Robredo to any Cabinet post, but the Vice President was eventually offered to lead the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).

Marked with a rocky start, here are other areas where the two differed:

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