IN PHOTOS: They all came in barongs 1

IN PHOTOS: They all came in barongs

Heads turned and cameras clicked as leaders of the APEC member-economies, plus Colombia, all came for the gala dinner wearing the traditional barong, the Philippines' national dress.

President Aquino welcomed each guest, some together with their spouses also wearing the national dress, to the formal dinner to cap the first full day of the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting.

Some wore the barong like a natural while some were a tad short on the sleeves, but the formal dress made of pineapple fibers made the entrance of the guests feel like a true red carpet event.

We leave the audience their choice of the best dressed, but ultimately, it was the barong that came out the winner of the night.

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IN PHOTOS: They all came in barongs 3

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key. Edgar Su, Reuters

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