SLIDESHOW: Exodus from Tacloban

TACLOBAN CITY - Four days after super typhoon "Yolanda" (international name Haiyan) made landfall in Tacloban City, residents are trying to rebuild from what's left.

Corpses still litter the streets of Tacloban, and almost 90% of houses have been damaged.

People are lining up at the airport to board C130 military planes leaving Tacloban after ferrying relief goods to the city.

A woman, when asked why she is leaving Tacloban, said they have nothing left as their whole house has been destroyed.

A father with his three children and wife walked all the way from Palo town to the airport for the chance to board the military plane. He has been waiting for three days at the airport but has not been able to leave.

Military authorities said priority is given to those who need medical attention.

For the many waiting outside the airport, they simply want to forget what happened last November 9, 2013, and leaving the city may help achieve that.

Everyone in Tacloban City is injured, physically and emotionally.


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