Passengers resort to countermeasures vs. 'tanimbala' 1

Passengers resort to countermeasures vs. 'tanimbala'

Tough times call for tough measures.

Now, airport passengers are visibly cautious entering the NAIA Terminal 3. Many have started bringing their own packaging materials, like duct tape and large plastic bags, to secure their belongings as they wait for their turn to enter the terminal.

People are now more mindful of their luggage. Those traveling in groups watch their companions' belongings.

Weary travelers secure their bags in various ways: with plastic wraps, packaging tapes, or a combination of both, just to ensure that bullets won't get inside their baggage.

This latest scam has caught the attention of other countries, bringing embarrassment not only to the government but to Filipinos, especially OFWs around the globe. This is what Filipino travelers have come down to.

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