EXCLUSIVE: 'Narco mayor' owns hotel, mansions, jet skis 1

EXCLUSIVE: 'Narco mayor' owns hotel, mansions, jet skis

DRUG RICHES? A town mayor accused of coddling drug rings allegedly owns several sprawling estate properties and a collection of snakes and jet skis in Leyte province.

ABS-CBN News' Ranulfo Docdocan on Tuesday captured photos of the hotel and three houses supposedly owned by Leyte's Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr.

Another supposed compound of Espinosa houses his alleged collection of snakes, jet skis and gym equipment.

Espinosa on Tuesday met a 24-hour ultimatum set Monday by President Rodrigo Duterte for his surrender.

The mayor has been placed under the custody of Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa.

For his part, Espinosa denied that he is a narco-politician.

However, he admitted that his son, Kerwin, was a drug trafficker in Eastern Visayas, but that he has no control over his son's activities.

Browse through this slideshow for a glimpse of Espinosa's alleged properties.

Mobile users can view the desktop version of the slideshow here.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Narco mayor' owns hotel, mansions, jet skis 3

Among Espinosa's alleged properties in Iloilo City is the Zellan Hotel Reef and Spa

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