What you can or can't bring in a Philippine airplane

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What you can or can't bring in a Philippine airplane


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MANILA - Going on a trip? Be sure to check out this list of prohibited items to bring in a flight to avoid the pain of going through unnecessary hassle.

The Department of Transportation and Communications-Office of Transportation Security has released a revised list of prohibited items that applies to flights originating in the Philippines.

Under memorandum circular MC2015-02 posted by the Office for Transportation Security, seven categories of items are prohibited.

Guns, Firearms and Other Devices that Discharge Projectiles

The following items are prohibited in:

CARRY-ON AND CHECKED-IN BAGGAGE: air gun; ammunition shells, bullets and other component; bolt gun; component of guns and firearm; compressed air gun; firearms; flare gun; harpoon gun; nail gun; pellet guns; pistol; replicas and imitation firearms; revolver; rifle; shotgun; spear gun; sport-related firearm

CARRY-ON BAGGAGE ONLY: slingshots; bow and arrow; and crossbows

Back in 2014, firearms; pistols; revolvers; rifles; shotguns; and air guns are still allowed in checked-in baggage. The 2015 guidelines prohibit these.

All forms of firearms and guns must be endorsed to the appropriate law enforcement officer.

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