Gunmen who shot boy 'killed the wrong one'

Kevin Manalo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Dec 21 2016 07:57 PM

Gunmen who shot boy 'killed the wrong one' 1

Emmanuel Lorica was a bright grade 10 student, musically talented and a born leader of their batch. 

He was consistently part of the star section with impressive grades. 

But on the night of December 6, Emman lost the glimmer in his eyes as a bullet entered his head.

Witnesses heard one of the four assailants say they killed the wrong one. They left the crime scene and sped off in motorcycles.

He was soundly sleeping at the time. His girlfriend awoke to screams of those around them. Blood splattered in their makeshift bed. 

It was in an evacuation area, and Emman volunteered to pack things for his girlfriend whose house was razed along with the houses of other families.

He just helped. But he was helpless. 

Emman's teachers in Eusebio High School in Pasig City were shocked with what happened to him. The school, the city government who pays for Emman' s education, lost in a war.

Police claimed Emman was on their watchlist. He was allegedly a member of a group led by a drug suspect. 

Investigation is still ongoing, but Emman's family refuses to cooperate, they said.

Police have no leads yet on the whereabouts and identities of the gunmen.

His classmates mourn his untimely demise. His teachers are scared for everyone's safety and security. 

Emman was a promising pupil, with big dreams ahead of him. He was moving up to grade 11 with good grades, but he moved to someplace else. 

With all the memories that remain of Emman, his teachers pray for his peace.