Visiting Gloria Arroyo? Here are the rules


Posted at Dec 11 2013 04:55 PM | Updated as of Dec 12 2013 12:55 AM

MANILA - The Philippine National Police on Wednesday released the revised close-in security protocol for the hospital arrest of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

-Visiting days are from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 3am to 9pm and Sunday from 9am to 9pm or as may be ordered by the court

-Monday is a non-visiting day for the purpose of maintenance and general cleaning of the entire Presidential suite and its immediate vicinity. Only members of the immediate family, medical and legal teams will be allowed access during this time.

- All visitors shall leave the Presidential suite and its immediate vicinity at 9pm. No visitor shall be allowed to stay overnight inside the Presidential suite unless otherwise authorized or ordered by the Court.

-A predetermined Guest list shall be prepared and provided by the detainee and/or her authorized family member/s not later than 12noon one day prior to the scheduled visit. The list must be given directly to the Officer of the Day in the Security Office for processing and approval by concerned authorities.

- The following visitors may be allowed to visit the detainee even when not included in the Guest list:

1. members of the detainee's immediate family:
2. authorized VMMC physicians/medical doctors and nurses directly involved in the health care/maintenance of the detainee; and
3. members of the detainee's legal team

- A maximum of fifty (50) visitors shall be allowed during each visiting day.

- Excluding the members of the detainee's immediate family, a maximum of ten (10) visitors shall be allowed inside the Presidential suite at any given time during a visiting day.

-The detainee's exposure to sunshine shall be done within the designated area at the VMMC compound at least one (1) hour in the morning only.

-The detainee shall be allowed to attend daily morning mass at the chapel inside the VMMC compound.

-The detainee shall not be allowed to use other electronic gadgets such as laptop, cellphone, etc. except those mentioned/authorized above.

-Counsels/Lawyers may be allowed to bring laptop/ipod into the hospital during the visit, provided, such uses thereof is limited only to their use.

-Security Control Posts (SCP) 1,2, and 3 shall be provided with a copy of the approved guest list by the PSPG Officer of the Day as basis for issuance of visitor's pass card. The visitor's pass card issued at SCP2 shall be surrendered at SCP 3 for the issuance of Access Pass
to the Presidential Suite.

The lawyer of former first gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo earlier denounced the limited visiting hours as "most unchristian and most unkind, especially so coming during the holidays."

"The Arroyo family will endure stoically this latest act of hate by the present government, as it has the numerous baseless charges, the constant barrage of scurrilous libels and other forms of harassment and discrimination, knowing that countless more who are less fortunate have endured, and will have to endure, greater sufferings under such a barbaric and cretinous regime," lawyer Ferdinand Topacio said.

Malacañang, meanwhile, distanced itself from reports that the PNP has disallowed former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo from staying overnight with Mrs. Arroyo at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center.

Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma said Mrs. Arroyo is under the jurisdiction of the courts.

"Aalamin po natin ang veracity ng report na 'yan. Ang pagkaalam po natin, ang pagka-unawa po natin, 'yun pong conditions na pinaiiral hinggil sa confinement ni former President Arroyo sa Veterans Memorial hospital ay sakop po ng mga korte na may hurisdiksyon sa kanya. Sa kasalukuyan, ito ay Sandiganbayan at ang Regional Trial Court of Pasay City," Coloma said.

The former president is under hospital arrest on plunder charges for the alleged misuse of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes intelligence funds. With a report by Willard Cheng, ABS-CBN News