Climate change advocate highlights importance of report on global warming


Posted at Dec 09 2018 07:55 PM

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A climate change advocate raised concerns on the refusal of several world powers to recognize the findings of a landmark report on the impact of global warming.

According to the report, the world is now completely off track to limit the rise in temperature by 1.5 degrees because it is now heading towards a 3-degree increase.

Denise Fontanilla of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities said the ongoing climate talks in Poland failed to adopt the key study because 4 major oil and gas producers -- the United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Russia -- don't want to recognize the report.

She also stressed the report's significance in helping vulnerable countries curb the effects of global warming.

Fontanilla, however, said there is still hope that the world can work together to limit global warming. -- Top Story, ANC, December 9, 2018