Slain Pasay cop shot by murder suspect in front of team, say police

Anjo Bagaoisan, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Nov 26 2018 01:19 AM

Slain Pasay cop shot by murder suspect in front of team, say police 1
SOCO inspect the encounter scene. Anjo Bagaoisan, ABS-CBN News

MANILA - The police had Narc Delemios surrounded at the toilet on the 4th floor in his family's home in Don Carlos Revilla St. in Pasay City before 2:30 Sunday afternoon.

At the front of the officers in plain clothes from Pasay City police's intelligence section was 28-year-old Sr. Insp. Manuel Taytayon Jr., the section's commander.

For 3 months, they had been looking for Delemios, the self-confessed killer of a Grab driver in 2017, after he had escaped jail.

A tip they received earlier that day had brought them to the roof of the house, which they entered more than an hour after a funeral procession for Delemios' uncle had left.

A flimsy wooden ladder and a circular staircase led the 5 officers to a padlocked room.

Taytayon spotted Delemios inside through the windows and barged through the door, said Pasay City police chief Sr. Supt. Noel Flores based on the accounts of Taytayon's teammates.

The suspect hid inside the room's toilet.

Slain Pasay cop shot by murder suspect in front of team, say police 2
Delemios was found shirtless in the room. Anjo Bagaoisan, ABS-CBN News

"[The police] were calling on him to surrender and come out with his hands up. But instead of surrendering, he shot his gun. Captain Taytayon was the first one hit," Flores said.

Taytayon was shot at the chest and side from a 3-meter distance.

The intel chief fired back at Delemios before he went down, Flores said.

His teammates fired the succeeding shots which killed Delemios on the spot.

A 9-millimeter pistol was recovered from him.

Village security footage showed police calling for a tricycle 4 minutes later to bring Taytayon to the San Juan De Dios Hospital. He was pronounced dead there.


Flores said Taytayon, barely a year heading the station's intelligence section, had always been hands-on in his team's operations.

It was an offshoot from Taytayon's previous assignment as chief of the Pasay police's drug enforcement unit.

Flores said he gave Taytayon a pick between the intel job and a precinct command afterward, but he chose the field-heavy, more action-packed assignment.

"Captain Taytayon was a loss for us. He was young, always quiet, but hardworking. He was really inclined toward operations," he said.

Slain Pasay cop shot by murder suspect in front of team, say police 3
Sr. Insp. Manuel Taytayon Jr. Photo courtesy of Pasay City Police Station

Flores said unit heads usually stay in the middle flank of teams conducting an operation, but Taytayon did it differently.

"He showed that even if he was the chief of intel, he was also the one in front of the team. He really showed his leadership in that insisting they do the operation together," he said.

"We are sad, the whole of Pasay police."

Flores said a SWAT team was called to assist in apprehending Delemios as a standard operating procedure, but Taytayon could decide to go in at once depending on the situation.

"The urgency of the report they got was that the suspect, who was regularly in the area could be gone anytime. That was probably on Captain Taytayon's mind, that this was a good opportunity to catch the fugitive," he said.

Because of that urgency, Flores added, the intelligence operatives were also not able to don bulletproof vests.


Slain Pasay cop shot by murder suspect in front of team, say police 4
Gerardo Maquidato Jr.

Meanwhile, family members of TNVS driver Gerardo Maquidato Jr., whom Delemios admitted to killing and hijacking his Grab car last year, welcomed the suspect's killing but expressed shock at Taytayon's death.

Alma Paderes, Maquidato's sister-in-law, told ABS-CBN News that they began to fear for their lives after Delemios escaped from the Pasay City Jail in August before hearings on his case were set to resume.

Flores said Delemios was also tagged in two other killings after his prison break.

"We were gratified that in a way justice was already served for my brother-in-law's death. At the same time, we are saddened that someone else also had to die," Paderes said.

She offered their family's condolences to Taytayon's relatives.

"We have also experienced the death of a loved one. I know it is not easy, but may his soul rest in peace."

Taytayon left behind his wife and a 2-year-old daughter.