Pastor's father: Dalia has to repent in jail


Posted at Nov 26 2014 03:53 PM | Updated as of Nov 27 2014 12:23 AM

MANILA - The family of slain Filipino race car champion Enzo Pastor continues to grieve months since his killing.

Despite alleged death threats, the Pastor family is determined to bring his supposed killers to justice.

"I'm just expecting justice for my son and hopefully they put behind bars the mastermind and Dalia," Pastor's father, Tomas, said in an interview on ANC.

The counsel for the Pastor family pointed out that Pastor's wife, Dalia Guerrero, had made 17 calls to the gunman PO2 Edgar Angel and the supposed mastermind Sandy De Guzman on June 12, the day Pastor was killed.

Tomas is convinced Dalia had a hand in the killing.

"I had a chance to talk with the gunman for an hour. The gunman received a text message from Sandy De Guzman who is the mastermind to instruct the gunman to include me if I went along with Enzo on the trip to Clark," he said.

"We got the cellphones of the gunman and the mastermind when they were arrested, and we know the number of Dalia. So when we saw the phone logs, it matches the testimony of the gunman," Atty. Ricky Dela Cruz added.

Dela Cruz said the fiscal is going by the gunman's original testimony despite his retraction.

He added another gunman has also linked Dalia to the shooting.

Given what they call overwhelming evidence, the Pastor camp is confident the court will rule in their favor.

There is no warrant for Dalia's arrest yet.

But contrary to the Guerrero camp's claims that Dalia is not a fugitive, the Pastor camp insisted she is.

"There is a case filed against her. She says she's innocent but she did not file any counter-affidavit, she never appeared before the prosecutor to say she's innocent. There is no warrant for her arrest then why is she in hiding?" Dela Cruz said.

"Flight is an admission of guilt so she would have no chance of proving her innocence. She cannot be a fugitive for life."

The Pastor camp is not convinced by statements from Dalia's camp that they don't know her whereabouts.

"Who would authorize the lawyer to appear on her behalf and in another case that they filed the petition for custody, they claimed that they spoke with her?"

"The kids told them that their mother is just at home and this was just recent after the cases were filed," the lawyer said.

"She has to repent in jail," said Tomas.

With the supposed mastermind out on bail, the Pastor camp has filed a motion for a hold departure order against him before the Muntinlupa court.

Meanwhile, the Pastor family questions the Guerrero family's request for custody and guardianship of Pastor's children.

"Guardianship means that the assets of the deceased would have to be governed by the guardian because these are minor children who inherited close to P24 million worth of assets and business. So the parents of Dalia cannot manage the business, they are not the heirs, the children are the heirs. But they are minors so the guardians of the minors would also be the guardians of their property," Dela Cruz said.

"It should be at least the victim's family because the property was put up by Enzo and from the start, Enzo didn't want them to be with the grandparents. They were willing to share, they did not fight for custody," he added. -- ANC