'Never ever give a hint': How Aegis Jvris fratmen responded to 'Atio' crisis


Posted at Oct 18 2017 02:43 PM

Police are authenticating a social media conversation among Aegis Jvris fratmen about the alleged hazing of Horacio "Atio" Castillo III, which resulted in his death. 

The chat, which allegedly occurred on September 17-18 after Atio's death, was read by Senator Joel Villanueva. It started with a certain lawyer member of the frat calling for a meeting.

"Brods, we need to meet ASAP. Calling on all die-hard Aegians. We all have important things to do but I couldn't find anything more important than this," said certain Atty. Marvy Abo.

There was a point in the conversation when someone suggested that Aegis Jvris create a "crisis committee" tasked to reach out to the Castillo family "para di na mag-ingay."

"May kaya 'yang family na 'yan. Bukas makakakuha na sila ng search warrant sa frat [library]. Sana malinis na, matanggal na ang paddle doon," said one Atty. Alston Kevin Anarna.

While Villanueva was reading the conversation, Carminia Castillo, Atio's mom was seen crying.

A certain Pareng Edong, meanwhile, suggested to his brods: "For me, denial. Never ever give a hint."

The members of the chat conversation were also aware that the parents of Castillo were already reaching out to frat members Axel Hipe and Ralph Trangia, with one saying "flood na ng messages."

Aegis Jvris president Alvin Balag was also part of the conversation. He said he was waiting for guidance from the elders.

For his part, a certain Atty. Michael Vito kept reminding his brods of Aegis Jvris' motto, "no injustice, suffer no injustice." But one fratman told him that suggestions, not reminders, are needed.

A certain Ronald Cheng, who is working at the Supreme Court Clerk of Court's 2nd division, was also part of the conversation, saying, "nakita ko na 'yung CCTV ng barangay... Di covered ang frat lib ng CCTV."

MPD Director Chief Superintendent Joel Coronel said their anti-cybercrime group may be able to finish authenticating the chat conversation before the next hearing.