Average Pinoy family spends almost half of funds on food: study


Posted at Aug 22 2018 08:26 PM

MANILA - The average Filipino family spends nearly half of its monthly resources on food, the Philippine Statistics Authority said.

In a report released at the end of the second quarter of 2018, food expenditure stood at 41.5 percent of total household expenditure.

Filipino families also has an overall dependency ratio of 57.7 percent, according to PSA's July 2018 report.

In comparison, families in Western countries like the United States and Kingdom only spend around 10 percent of their monthly income on food.

This means that in the Philippines, most of the family income is spent on food, with less spent on clothing and other basic service necessities like housing, electricity, water and other social services like health and education.

The report also showed families with highest poverty incidence, such as those in the fishing and agriculture sector, are hardest hit by the high inflation rate.

The increasing family size also adds to the hardship of poor Filipino families.

The Department of Health and the Commission on Population (POPCOM) has been seeking to promote awareness and information on family planning.

Family planning is now being recognized as one of the vital health programs, with emphasis on the health and well-being of mothers through proper awareness and use of different family planning methods; decrease teenage pregnancies, avoid induced abortion cases; and eventually alleviate, if not end, the cycle of poverty.