LOOK: US Navy rescues Pinoy fishermen in disputed sea


Posted at Jul 20 2015 08:42 PM | Updated as of Jul 26 2016 12:27 PM

A US Navy ship on Sunday rescued 11 Filipino fishermen whose ship capsized in the disputed West Philippine Sea.

The US Navy, in a report, said surveillance ship USNS Impeccable rescued the fishermen while it was en route to Subic Bay.

Impeccable sailors saw the distressed fishermen on a partially submerged boat.

“They [Impeccable crew] initially spotted only eight people on the partially submerged vessel,” said Lt. Cory Hilgart, an anti-submarine watch officer. “They then realized that it was actually 11 and made the call to commence the rescue effort.”

“One of the crew members spoke English,” Hilgart said. “He told the Impeccable crew that they were fishermen from the Subic Bay region. He confirmed that there were only 11 on board.”

The fishermen were brought aboard the Impeccable where they were examined by medical personnel and given food and water.

No serious injuries or illnesses were reported, the US Navy said.

They were later turned over the Philippine Coast Guard.

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Photo by US Navy/handout

Filipino fishermen await rescue from their sinking boat in the West Philippine Sea.