Pinay reporter's beauty catches Taiwan attention

by Niko Baua, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 04 2013 12:29 AM | Updated as of Jun 04 2013 10:03 AM

MANILA - While the Taiwanese and Philippine governments were busy resolving the tension caused by the shooting incident off Batanes, a Filipina journalist became an overnight sensation for the Taiwanese who made her an instant celebrity for her looks.

Filipina reporter Michelle Mediana became a subject for the Taiwanese media who reported on how the Philippine reporters were covering the event.

She caught the eye of Taiwanese viewers after a picture was uploaded on Facebook by a Taiwanese blogger. It immediately received a thousand likes.

She was then hounded by Taiwanese media who wanted more details.

Asked by Taiwanese media what she thought of Taiwan, Mediana said "it's a very nice place, the food is good."

Mediana's looks became a topic on Taiwanese TV, and her pictures landed on the front page of different newspapers.

Taiwanese reporter Anna Hsieh said their viewers appreciated Mediana for her fresh and youthful looks, which is a different take from their standard of beauty.

"She stands out from a crowd, people immediately see her," Hsieh said.

Some newspapers jokingly referred to her as the Philippine's "secret weapon" who could become an ambassador to end the ongoing rift.

Some speculated that Mediana was intentionally sent to either distract or appease the Taiwanese.

Hsieh said Mediana's presence has been a welcome distraction on the story, providing a light moment for the unfortunate incident.