Leni to graduates: Take leap of faith when necessary

Fay Virrey, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Apr 30 2017 04:34 AM | Updated as of Apr 30 2017 06:03 AM

TANAUAN CITY, Batangas - Vice President Leni Robredo visited Tanauan City on Saturday for the 13th commencement exercises of the First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities. 

In her speech, Robredo shared her experience before, during and after college. 

Before she went to college, she said that she was very sure that she wanted to become a lawyer and follow the footsteps of her father who was a judge in their hometown. 

But everything changed when she studied at the University of the Philippines (UP), taking up Economics during martial law. 

Robredo said, "Before I went to UP, I shied away from all political discussions."

While in college, she said she realized the need to get involved due to the "abuses, plunder and worsening poverty" under the Marcos dictatorship. 

"That's when I realized I needed to get involved and fight the oppressive regime," she said. 

After the EDSA revolution overthrew the Marcos regime, Robredo said that was when she realized she could not go straight to law school as she had planned. 

She said she wanted to "go straight to public service" to help Filipinos get a better life. 

Although she was afraid of what his father might tell her, the Vice President said she took the leap of faith. 

This is what she also asked from the new graduates: to take the leap of faith when necessary - but always remember that when facing such a phase of life, ask if it's right thing to do. 

"Always ask yourself, 'Am I doing the right thing?' Ask yourself, 'How will my decision affect others?" she said.