Death by hanging: How capital punishment is carried out in Kuwait

Research by Art Fuentes, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 25 2017 05:54 PM

Death by hanging: How capital punishment is carried out in Kuwait 1
Filipino household worker Jakatia Pawa

Filipino household worker Jakatia Pawa was one of around 20 people on death row in Kuwait, according to the Cornell University Law School's Center on Death Penalty Worldwide.

In 2013, five men were executed while police, judicial officials and journalists watched. 

Kuwait carried out the 2013 executions by hanging. 

The sentenced men were asked about their last requests--whether they'd like to meet a loved one or smoke one final cigarette. Then they were led to a platform while blindfolded and chained.

Once the order was given, the trap door beneath the convicts swung open and they were left dangling a few feet above the ground.

A medic was on standby to verify if the sentenced men were dead.

Most of those executed in 2013 were found guilty of murder, while another was convicted of rape.

Amnesty International said the executions were "a deplorable setback for human rights in the country." 

All of those who were sentenced to die in 2013 were foreigners residing in Kuwait. 

More than half of Kuwait's population of 4.1 million are migrant workers and expatriates. 

More than a hundred thousand Filipinos live and work in Kuwait with some reports pegging the number of OFWs there at around 180,000.