For ABS CBN News Team - Re: Hostage drama

By concerned readers

Posted at Aug 24 2010 03:33 PM | Updated as of Aug 24 2010 11:33 PM

To whom It May Concern, 
I would like to bring to your attention the way media, ABS-CBN included, in handling the  coverage of the hostage taking. I realize how important it is to get the news like keeping the public up to date. But then, there is also what you call responsibility in delivering the news.
I think the news people should have done a news black-out for that portion wherein the brother of the hostage is being arrested by the police. Granted that the police shouldn't have done that, the news director should have delayed the showing of that portion on national TV ( better after the hostage crisis) because it was endangering the lives of the hostages since the hostage taker is watching the news from the tourist bus. I saw and heard the police requesting for no media coverage on that part hereby telling them that the bus has tv. This media people didn't realize that they are provoking the hostage taker to anger. Still your news team showed the shot live. What happened? The hostage taker went on a shooting spree resulting in dead Chinese hostages. 
Don't they teach you responsibility in news media anymore? Aren't lives more important? Why can't you delay the showing of something that can trigger the anger of a hostage taker? Don't you know that, aside from the police, the TV media group contributed to the killing of the hostages also. And you know what is disappointing? You showed to the whole world how irresponsible not only our TV media group and the police are but make them conclude that the Filipinos are stupid in handling hostage crisis. I really feel so ashame as a Filipino on how you guys handled this. 
I wish that you could  train your people to be more responsible in news reporting. I think you should now focus in cleaning the negative image of our country. Not in destroying the image. Hopefully this won't happen again. Thanks. 
Lyn Garcia
I watched the whole episode of the hostage taking at Quirino Grandstand on my computer involving a local police captain and a busload of HK tourists. The whole operation to convince the hostage taker to release the tourists turned into a botched operation. There was no coordination, there was lack of experience on the "swat"/ assault team and there was no visible command structure. The rescue team was poorly equipped and the media complicated the whole rescue operation. Where were the bright boys of P-Noy during the entire hostage drama? SILENT AND INVISIBLE?
Dr. Nestor P. Baylan
New York City
Mga magaling na kapulisan hindi handa sa kung ano ang dapat gawin para masukol agad ang hostage taker. ng mga chinese tourists sa loob ng tourist bus sa luneta.
Bakit hindi sila gumamit ng tear gas para lumabas agad ang hostage taker sa loob ng bus. Isang pintong mallit ng bus di kayang mabuksan ng maso. Mga isip lamok,
Magaling lang sa practice ang mga pulis at 8 times na nag ensayo kung paano papasukin ang tourist bus na nasa loob ang hostage taker.
Pero, pag actual na, wala lahat natupad sa practice ang mga pulis. Super galing lang sa practice itong mga pulis. 
Angel Siawingco