Re: the PSE and Villar's czardom, Noynoy blocking Villar's path

By Malin Solino, reader

Posted at Apr 26 2010 06:22 PM | Updated as of Apr 27 2010 02:22 AM

The Philippines Stock Exchange allowed Villar to circumvent its rules in a re-invent the wheel sort of way? Amazing, said my friend Sherlock Holmes. So there's no stopping Villar's czardom now, well, except, maybe, that kalbo could, the one with a lop-sided grin called Noynoy, the one Villar's party tried to bring down with a "doctored" psyche report that was probably cut and pasted together from someone's psyche report, maybe done by the same mob that also "doctored" M.V. Pangilinan's speech.
Sherlock Holmes points the finger at Ateneo as the connection, the mob used Ateneo's resources, the library and the cafeteria. If only someone was not vigilant.
There must be no greater man than Villar, the up and rising czar in the Philippines, maybe in all of South East Asia, the one that viewed PSE as adjunct to his Aladdin's cave, my friend, Sherlock Holmes, was really into it now, and even suggested that after Villar arm-wrestled the PSE and won, he proved how nice a person he was by extending a golden handshake that included benefits up to the eyeballs, enough to buy PSE's sympathy and silence, until Erap drop the bomb on them. Damn. I have to leave, my friend Sherlock Holmes gets melodramatic after drinking cups of coffee at Starbucks.
Malin Solino