RE: overspending candidates

By Daniel Escurel Occeno, reader

Posted at Apr 23 2010 05:23 PM | Updated as of Apr 24 2010 01:23 AM

The top two presidential candidates are being accused of overspending. Overspending reaction responses of both candidates were as far back as March 28 with streamers being pulled to reduce the possibility proving they were getting close back when it was more than a month before the election.
A campaign blitz at the ending days before the May 10, 2010 will be expected when the bulk of commercial advertising is spent by serious candidates to guarantee the polls accuracy.
How about Paid for by FRIENDS of John Doe Candidate? How does the use of such advertisements figure in on overspending accusations? It can be deliberately used to incriminate a law abiding politician.
BALIKTAD print advertising is being used in local elections with Tagalog words in an area using dialects like Bicol as an example by groups claiming to be friends of the candidate.
The accusations of overspending are tangible and documented. A candidate can keep his own records for legal maneuvers in a future court case, but the media outlet’s records will be the real evidence.
Money spent and time “on-the-air” must coincide.
Are all forms of advertisements included in the accounting?
Do you know how it will work, disqualification?
Is it after the election’s final count or will the Congress have to use it for impeachment proceedings? Or will COMELEC will just disqualify the candidates and declare a winner.
The media outlets will know the truth and would they go to prison if there is a cover up?
Will the vice-presidents be automatically involved? Since the VP run a separate campaign, they should be individually judged but many appear with their presidential hierarchy in the same advertising paid for by the political party.
I would rather expose it now before family feuds occur because of ignorance or the so called BLACK PROPAGANDA will use the disqualification without explanation to be used to belittle our country and to downgrade our people as backward banana republic simpletons.
Daniel Escurel Occeno