Feedback: Vote and then What?

By Arwil S. Gundran, reader

Posted at Apr 23 2010 05:43 PM | Updated as of Apr 24 2010 01:43 AM

A few days from now, the nation will be gearing towards its first ever country wide automated election come May 10, 2010. After several attempts in the past, finally, the Philippines has come and is set to do another milestone. An ambitious goal that is getting enough criticisms and questions of integrity. More than that, various campaigns have been launched to advocate not just the new method of election but, also advocacies on who is the right choice.
With all the political brouhaha that is going in and out, even around the country today, the people must have learned their lessons by now. Enough of those traditional politicians, who are just doing nothing but lambasting each others reputations and even resort to black and dirty propaganda as well. Throwing accusations to each other, thereby, in the Philippines, honorable or excellent as these people are called, ironically has a politics of brickbats! What kind of legacy will they be leaving to the younger generations? Squealing for others mistakes just because of selfish interest of certain individuals are disregarded. Jumping from one political party to another.
They are all the same. Traditional politicians who have no political will. Politicians who have no genuine principles to live. People who are just creating political commotions for publicity. People who are advancing the concern of their own comfort disguised in a scheme that seems to be noble and serves the good of the people. Some even kill for power. Again, the Philippines is also a nation that has politics of killings. Unsolved as such, even if logic tells us who is to be blamed, the justice system absolves them.
Various issues have already circulated around the media today, some are found out to be truth, some are discovered to be false and others remain to be just plain controversies and rumors. Pondering upon them, these issues won’t come out if there are no sources. This won’t be an issue if there is no truth in them, unless it is just intended to destroy the character of others. Various credible and trusted media personalities have conducted their own journalistic investigations and are showing the people the truth or the lies behind those issues.
Again, with all of the available media including forums for us to be informed, have we learned anything else? Have we also gained wisdom to select our leaders? Quoted from someone who blurted all of a sudden, “I must vote this election; I want to participate in the countries first ever automated election.” This enthusiasm might also been shared by other Filipinos around the world today, but the question is, will this eagerness be enough? Definitely it’s not sufficient.
Indeed, the whole Filipino electorate must have wisdom to do so. To do so means to properly select the names to be shaded on our ballot. Properly selecting means choosing with intelligence and good judgment as to whether one candidate is suitable or not.
Let’s ask ourselves, vote and then what? Yes, vote and then what? We must consider the consequences of exercising suffrage. We have to reflect on our values as a people. We have to contemplate on the platforms, background and the capability of the candidates to lead our nation as a whole.
Let us not join the people who have been persuaded to choose for someone just because they were fooled and have been misled by fancy and promising words on television commercials. Let us not fuse with the people who have been swayed towards another candidate because their valued votes have been literally given value for a mere amount of cash.
A friend said, “Kung gusto natin baguhin ang system wag nating baguhin ang sistema (redundant ba). Baguhin natin ang nakaupo at mababago ang sistema...Malaki ang magagawa natin.HINDI KAYANG TAPUSIN NG TAO ANG KAHIRAPAN, Diyos lang ang makakagawa nun, Kahit saang pinakamaunlad na bansa may mga naglilimos parin.”, and its true. As of now, if we want to change the system we must not change the system.
What we need to change are the people who have been long enjoying the ignorance of the people. Another friend also said, “Rather than choosing between Blue Monkey and Red Monkey, go for the righteous. Justified by Christ of course.”
If we want change, let us take this opportunity. We should act now!
Be an intelligent voter, be an innovator, be a catalyst, get involved, get a paradigm shift, and be the change now!
Arwil S. Gundran
Guisad, Baguio City