dela Paz incident in Valley Golf

By concerned readers

Posted at Jan 05 2009 01:54 PM | Updated as of Jan 05 2009 09:55 PM

dela Paz incident in Valley Golf
It is obvious that there may be another whitewash again as far as finding any criminal liability against Mayor Pangandaman and co.
However, Valley Golf has a lot to gain in terms of credibility and stature is concerned if it does the right thing. There are some questions
that they should answer:
1. Is Mayor Pangandaman a member, a dependent, or a guest?
2. What Club rules were violated and who violated them?
3. What infractions would result in a member’s expulsion?
I will strongly support and even advocate a boycott of Valley Golf if it, in any way, participates in any cover up.
Maury Dizon
Paskong pasko ito na ang simula agad ng bagong taon...
Paul Garcia
GMA will not do anything about what happens in Antipolo because GMA owes a lot to the Pangandaman family especially during madaling sabi pandaraya po sa Lanao del Sur para kay GMA.
Kaya wag na nating asahan na tutulong si GMA. Kawawa lang po ang mga tao na titistigo po laban sa Pangandaman family na yan. Mamatay lang po kayo, kahit sa lugar nila pinapatay po nila ang sino man po ang lalaban sa kanila.
Good luck na lang po sa mga dela Paz. Sali ko po kayo sa dasal ko!
Michael Tan
Tangub City
Regardless of who instigated the incident, beating a minor is unacceptable especially when you are an elected or appointed public official. Being a public official, you must set good manners and examples. You do not have any excuse for this arrogance. You must be dealt with accordingly.
The golf incident involving DAR chief Pangandaman is deplorable. Security details should not get themselves involved in the mauling incident of an older golfer and his young children. People appointed to serve in the executive branch of government should act responsibly and should not be behaving as warlords, feudal chiefs, or at worst drug lords.
Pangandaman is not in the Middle East. He is in a Christian world. His behavior in golf is unsportsmanlike. He should be riding camels in the desert instead of playing golf in a public place. Shame on him.
The mauling incident involving DAR chief Pangandaman against the helpless De la Paz family is a grim reminder of how power corrupts public officials’ behavior publicly.
His security detail did not exhibit restrain in dealing with minor matters; the person, whom the security detail was protecting, did not even lift a finger to intervene. Roughing up civilians by any public official against defenseless civilians is unacceptable. We live in a civil society where no one is above or under the law.
Pangandaman should be chastised by his boss, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and made to pay civil damages. (public apology is but a slap in the wrist) His bodyguards and all other person involved in hurting the De la Paz family should do time. His bodyguards should be banned from carrying firearms again.There should be a public outcry to Pangandaman's unsportsmanlike conduct in the golf course.
It is a shame that Pangandaman ignored the golden rule of being patient and respectful to other players (golfing inadequacies) if he wishes to be respected too. I guess the Golden Rule is irrelevant to Muslims like him.
Nestor Baylan