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Fact Checking Policy
  • ABS-CBN follows the code of principle of the International Fact-Checking Network at Poynter dedicated to bringing together fact-checkers worldwide. https://www.ifcncodeofprinciples.poynter.org/know-more/the-commitments-of-the-code-of-principles

  • We adhere to ABS-CBN’s company code of ethics and to the ABS-CBN Integrated News Standards and Ethics to uphold commitment to the highest standards of business, journalism and personal ethics in the conduct of every Kapamilya’s duties and responsibilities.

  • The ABS-CBN Fact Check team is unaffected by any agenda or biases. The team is nonpartisan and doesn’t have any political affiliations. The team does not accept money, bribes, or any sort of corruption. This violates our ethics policy:
    • 3.3. Teamwork: Company Interest and transparency
      • 3.3.1 Conflict of Interest – Never accept any gift or favor if it would compromise professional judgement or suggest favorable or preferential treatment. The company will not tolerate any activity related to bribery, corruption or any direct or indirect request for any gift or any form of benefit/favor, in connection with any business, contract, application or transaction between the Company and any other party. https://www.abs-cbn.com/governance/policies/code-of-ethics/id-44
    • 4-1 CODE OF ETHICS (ABS-CBN Integrated News and Current Affairs Standards and Ethics Manual)
      • Conflict of Interest
        1. ABS-CBN journalists should:
          1. Avoid any real obligation or appearance of any obligation to any interest that he or she may be covering or reporting on.
          2. Avoid conflicts between personal interests and the interest of ABS-CBN or even the appearance of such conflicts.
          3. Avoid activities that interfere or appear to interfere with his/her objectivity or other activities required by his her job at ABS-CBN.
          4. Always act to protect ABS-CBN's reputation.
        2. It must be emphasized that an actual conflict of interest need not be present to constitute a violation of the Code of Ethics or the policies of ABS-CBN. Activities that create the appearance of a conflict of interest should be avoided as well.
        3. Personal or Family Interest
          1. When reporting news, you should ensure that no circumstances exist that could give rise to a suspicion of bias on ABS-CBN's part. Before you report on a particular event, political party or company in which you or your family have any kind of interest, you must notify your supervisor of potential conflicts of interest.
          2. You must not have personal or business transactions or invest in any publicly listed company you have reported on in the previous month. If you are regarded as a specialist in a particular area of business or industry, you must notify your supervisor of any financial interest you may have in that area or industry.
          3. In short, you should immediately raise any potential conflicts of interests in any of your activities with your supervisor.
        4. Political Affiliation
          ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Division does not support - directly or indirectly - any political party or group nor does it take sides in national or international conflicts or disputes.

    • Revenue of ABS-CBN Corporation mainly comes from advertising and consumer sales from licensing and syndication of the Company’s films and programs library.
    • ABS-CBN Fact Check has no commercial, institutional and financial relationship with the state. The company did not receive any funding from politicians or political parties. Politicians can place advertisements during the election season as part of the business but it does not affect the independence of the company. The team accepts grants and sponsorships from non-partisan and independent organizations.
    • Since it started, we have received grants from international organizations.
      • INTERNEWS: An international nonprofit organization that supports journalists in tackling disinformation
      • Meedan: A technology non-profit that builds software and initiatives to strengthen global journalism, digital literacy, and accessibility of information for the world.

    The ABS-CBN Fact Check Team comprises of 11 people:
    • Head, Integrated News and Current Affairs
      • Maria Regina “Ging” E. Reyes
    • Editors who review the fact check outputs by the researcher and give the final approval for posting on ABS-CBN News website or social media.
      • Head, News Gathering: Mariquit “Chi” Almario-Gonzalez
      • Head, Investigative and Research Group: Rowena Caronan
    • Researchers who monitor dubious claims, gather and verify information to produce fact check pieces. They also write the articles and peer-review outputs, aside from the editor.
      • Charrize Calusa
      • Dave Abuel
    • ABS-CBN.com editors who check the fact check articles for grammar and typographical errors before posting in the website.
    • Infographics specialists who create the art card used for social media posting
    • Social media editors who help the team to publish the fact check pieces on ABS-CBN News’ social media platforms.