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Corrections Log
  • In case an error is spotted in one of our fact-checks, call our attention right away. Send the link of the Fact Check article to our email factcheck@abs-cbn.com and include a short explanation for the error

  • We will reply to your corrections appeal at least 24 hours after receiving the notification. The team will reassess the fact check and will be corrected if indeed an error has been made.

  • Fact Checks posted on social media will be deleted and reposted with a detailed explanation for the error.

  • The Fact Check team also follows the correction policy of ABS-CBN Corporation as stated in our Standards and Ethics Manual which is given as a hardcopy to every member of staff, reporters, and anchors upon starting in the company.

  • Under our new standards and ethics and updated social media guidelines, we follow this process in handling complaints and corrections:
    • Complaints from any quarter - a source, an audience, a member of the public, or a colleague in another part of ABS-CBN - must be investigated urgently so that immediate corrective action can be taken if it proves to be well founded. Complaints that cannot be immediately investigated must be acknowledged at once and followed up quickly. They should be handled at a senior level on the Desk.
    • We get back to the complainant,even if only to advise that the matter is still under consideration if it appears it will take some time to decide on a course of action.
    • When it has been determined that a significant factual error was made in reporting or if the report needs clarifying, the specific program or unit is responsible for writing and airing that connection or clarification on the specific program in which the error occurred.

  • As per our protocol on handling errors online, we append an editor’s note explaining and apologizing every time we update a story to correct a factual mistake.