Meet the teen housemates of 'PBB: Lucky 7' 1

Meet the teen housemates of 'PBB: Lucky 7'

MANILA - The "Pinoy Big Brother" episode on Friday signaled the end of the road for the journeys of several celebrity housemates, but also marked the start for a fresh crop of young hopefuls. 

As the likes of Yassi Pressman, Juan Karlos Labajo, and Elisse Joson exited the iconic house, in came a bubbly spirit from Cagayan de Oro --the first of the teen housemates to do so. 

Meet the teen housemates of 'PBB: Lucky 7' 3

Marydale "MayMay" Entrata

Marydale "MayMay" Entrata is a 19-year-old student. She has cheerful persona, which endeared her to the celebrity housemates who plucked her from the pool of those who auditioned. But despite her apparent positive outlook in life, Entrata harbors a tinge of regret over not getting the chance to know her father. Her dad left them at an early age to start a new family. She said she joined the competition in order to help her mother, an OFW in Japan.

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