13 things to look forward to in Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ concert film

Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Posted at Dec 31 2018 01:24 PM | Updated as of Dec 31 2018 03:32 PM

Taylor Swift starts the year with a bang by streaming her “Reputation” stadium tour to Netflix subscribers.

As per Swift’s Instagram stories (which also featured a countdown timer), the film is set to drop at 12:01 on December 31 PST worldwide.


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Last November 21, this author (admittedly a die-hard Swiftie), and the Philippine winners of the Taylor Swift instax SQ6 raffle contest watched the global superstar’s last stop of the tour at Tokyo Dome in Japan. The winners, who qualified for the raffle by pre-ordering the limited edition Taylor Swift Instax SQ6, won free airfare and accommodation with show tickets, courtesy of Fujifilm Instax.

Despite watching multiple clips of the show from different stops, the “Reputation” stadium tour presented by Fujifilm Instax more than delivered live with its stellar production value and, of course, the star power of Swift. 

At the last stop, she showed superstar ease in navigating the many parts of the production puzzle including dance steps, multiple stages, song mash-ups as well as crowd interaction, including punctuating segments with a flawless “Arigatou Gozaimasu” greeting.

Together with the winners, this author is eager to relive the wonder of the “Reputation” stadium tour with the coming Netflix film. Here are 13 things that we’re most looking forward to seeing again, or hoping to see, in Swift’s concert film.

1. The start of the show

The start of the show was iconic. Huge crystal clear screens featured a montage of Taylor Swift snippets that segued to a dramatic entrance, and her bombastic first song, “…Ready for it.”

“That was the time that I got teary-eyed,” contest winner Elysa Ann Montero shared. 

One wonders how this entrance will translate onscreen, or which angles the filmmakers will choose to give justice to that jaw-dropping entrance.

2. The main stage and the B-stages 

The main stage towered at 110 feet. Transforming into many configurations during the show, the large screens made for easy watching in the massive stadium. The main stage’s floors were also all LED panels, so concert goers near the top of the stadium could still get a light show when they look at the main stage.

The “1989” show featured a main stage and one that extended from the main area. The “Reputation” stadium tour, on the other hand, had a large main stage and two b-stages which Swift travelled to, giving fans closer views of the star during different parts of the concert.

3. Tour mates and “reptour friends”


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While the Tokyo shows only featured Charlie XCX, the US tour included Camilla Cabello as well.
Both reappeared during the tour when Swift performed “Shake It Off” at the b-stage. Having been seated far from both b-stages, this author most looks forward to seeing that performance up close.

Swift also had a slew of “reptour friends” that performed in some of her shows like Shawn Mendez, Troye Sivan, Selena Gomez, Bryan Adams, Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill, and even Robbie Williams, among others.

In the “1989” tour film, these special guests had a segment, with Swift even sharing some snippets on how she asked some of them to perform on stage for her. We’re excited to see if a similar segment will be in the “Reputation” film as well.

4. Snakes


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The sixth album had snakes as a prominent marketing theme and the supporting tour follows this, with a giant snake appearing in “Look What You Made Me Do.” Snakes were also slithering at the b-stages.

Karyn is the pet name of fans for the giant inflatable snake that Swift brought during a recent American Music Awards performance, and it’s exciting how this will be shown on film.

5. Dancers, backup singers, band

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The show was a well-oiled machine. From the dancers and backup singers to her band, the level of direction and choreography in this tour was by far Swift’s most intricate. 

The “Reputation” tour had moments where each individual performer could shine. Some examples include the all-female line-up of dancers and singers in “I Did Something Bad,” and the band coming on stage during the mash-up of “Style,” “Love Story,” and “You Belong With Me,” among others. It’ll be interesting to see these moments up close and personal in the Netflix film.

6. Flying


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As previously mentioned, Swift had two b-stages. One contraption, which was like a flying basket of fairy lights, was used during “Delicate” to transfer her to the first b-stage. The other more sinister snake skeleton gondola transferred her back to the main stage while Swift sang “Bad Blood.” 

From this author’s seat, I had a clear view of the snake skeleton gondola flying above me, so I’m most looking forward to seeing the other contraption up close.

7. The songs

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Swift usually performs 24 songs in total, with some transformed into clever mash-ups, all in all giving you a 19-song set.

“I love that she still sings her old songs,” said instax SQ6 winner Maria Angelica Desabelle, on her favorite moments of the show. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered what a mash-up of “Style,” “Love Story,” and “You Belong With Me” would sound like, you’re in for a treat!

Not to be beat, performances of songs from the “Reputation” album like “King of My Heart” and “Dress” were also beautifully orchestrated, and it would be a joy to see these on screen.

8. Acoustic set and the piano set

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One of the highlights of the “Reputation” stadium tour is the acoustic segment in one of the b-stages. Swift usually sings two songs – a surprise song that changes every night, and “Dancing With Our Hands Tied.” 

During her last Tokyo show, she sang “So It Goes” instead of “Dancing With Our Hands Tied.” One wonders what she’ll feature for the film.

“She dedicated ‘Long Live/New Year’s Day’ for her fans,” asserted Clarisse Jane De Guzman, another Instax winner, on one of her favorite moments in the show. Her piano segment which featured the above mash-up had Swift alone again, with the crowd at the palm of her hands.

9. Surprise songs


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Spotify has a playlist of all of the surprise songs on Swift’s “Reputation” stadium tour. With 46 songs in the list, including crowd favorites like “All Too Well” and “I Don’t Want to Live Forever,” it’s an exciting mystery for fans which song performance the film will feature, or if they’ll even include one in the film. 

10. Video interludes and behind-the-scenes


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Interviews with Swift’s squad wer a prominent feature in the “1989” tour film. In the “Reputation” tour, most of the video interludes featured only Swift. This author is most looking forward to watching the “Why She Disappeared video,” which had Swift reading a poem she wrote about her hiatus in the past year; and a sequel to her “Out of the Woods” music video.

While there’s a blooper reel at the end of the show, I’m hoping for more behind-the-scenes clips from the “Reputation” stadium tour, including perhaps some rep room, Club Olivia, and Club Meredith footage.

11. Taylor’s mini speeches


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A starved fandom lapped up all of Swift’s mini speeches in the 38 shows of the “Reputation” tour.

“My favorite part of the concert was the part in the speech where she thanked the fans for being there for her every time,” shared Bernice Joy Alarcon, a long-time Swiftie and instax contest winner.

From showing appreciation to her fans, talking about song inspirations, and how she dealt with online bullying, to, of course, the topic of her reputation, there’s a long list of unforgettable lines, and we wonder which of these will be included in the film.

12. Swifties


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Devoted Swifties flock to Swift’s concerts in full costume not only for the chance to get the singer’s (and her mom’s) attention to get an invite to rep room, but also because it’s fun!

Before the show, this author enjoyed watching all the iterations of Swift in the “Look What You Made Me Do” video pass by, as well as some members of the Taylor Swift Japan Fan Club sporting bespoke kimonos. With creative Swifties strutting their stuff on Instagram or Twitter, we’re hoping to see some of these looks featured in the film.

13. The ending


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The tour ends on a celebratory high note (like a middle finger to all the haters) with a mash-up of “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things,” which had Swift and her posse frolicking on a fully functional fountain onstage.

After the rounds of bows, a lot of custom confetti, and after all the performers exited the stage, the words “and in the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive” were flashed onto the giant screens. 

Triumphant words for a triumphant tour, and we can’t wait to relive the magic of the “Reputation” stadium tour onto our screens this New Year’s Day!