Julia Montes' dad apologizes for leaving her: report


Posted at Dec 29 2016 12:07 AM

The biological father of Julia Montes has apologized to the actress for leaving her when she was still a baby, according to a report aired on the late night talk show "Tonight with Boy Abunda." 

The report added that Montes turned emotional after hearing the apology from her birth father, German national Martin Schnittka. It added that the reunion took place at a restaurant in Cubao Tuesday evening, and that the two met again Wednesday afternoon. 

Montes, born Mara Schnittka, first shared a photo of her meeting with her biological dad on Instagram. She said that it was made possible thanks to the help of fans, friends and one of her cousins. 

Martin, who is now married to another woman, is set to leave the country Friday. Montes, however, is said to have already begun planning a trip to Germany next year.

In previous interviews, Montes said that her life would be "complete" if she could only meet her biological dad, who left her family when she was still a baby. She was then raised by her deaf Filipina mother with the help of her grandmother.