BB Gandanghari: ‘Reach out’ to your transgender friends


Posted at Dec 27 2019 07:33 PM

MANILA—It's not something one would necessarily consider a gift, but BB Gandanghari shared something on Christmas day that's far more valuable for those who are going through the same difficulties she has in transitioning from male to female — encouragement. 

In her new video blog she filmed while on her way to her doctor for one of her hormone replacement sessions, upped last December 25, she opened up about feelings of being "vulnerable emotionally" during the whole process of becoming a woman. 

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She talked about the mood swings caused by having hormones injected into her that drive her "crazy," as well as the "unseen" changes she goes through that's far more difficult to deal with than her physical transformations. 

She said: "It's hard for hard for a transgender individual to go through transition by themselves. ...It's very difficult kasi you are vulnerable emotionally. So reach out." 

"[To those who have transgender friends, ask them], because a lot of transgender individuals always have that happy face. You may call it their mask, but it's actually for self-preservation.

"Ask them if they're emotionally strong and strengthen them if they're not. And most definitely don't expect them to be strong enough. Let them feel accepted. Not tolerated, accepted. 

Nearly in tears, she added: "Tell them, from the bottom of your heart, they're more than enough." 


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Gandanghari first came out during the celebrity edition of the ABS-CBN reality show "Pinoy Big Brother" in 2006. A decade later, she was formally recognized as a woman by a Los Angeles court.