Cherry Pie Picache's son Nio Tria finally meets Luis Manzano


Posted at Dec 20 2021 05:34 PM

MANILA – Neophyte actor Nio Tria admitted he is very happy now that his mom Cherry Pie Picache has found love as she is currently in a relationship with Edu Manzano.

During a virtual conference for the series “Saying Goodbye” which he is a part of, Tria revealed that he already knew that Picache and Manzano are dating so it did not come as a surprise for him when it finally came out in the news.

“Hindi na ako nagulat kasi alam ko na before na pinupuntahan ni Tito Edu 'yung mom ko. Na-meet ko na siya. Nung nalaman ko online, sabi ko, ‘Okay that’s good na alam na ng lahat ng tao.’ I am really happy na supportive ang mga tao. Nagulat kami na naging trending. I am really happy for my mom,” he said.

When asked how well he knows Manzano now that he’s his mom’s boyfriend, Tria said: “Of course I know him as an actor and as an artist. Kilalang kilala siya. He’s a very famous actor. Now I am starting to get to know him as well. We’d have lunch or dinner with my mom.”

Tria also said he won’t disapprove if ever the two decide to get married in the future.

“I think it’s their decision naman. I support my mom and I respect her decisions. If ever in the future, they would want to get married, I would accept it because I trust my mom’s decision naman,” he said.

Aside from Manzano, Tria said he’s also starting to build a relationship with the veteran actor’s son, Luis Manzano. In fact, during the virtual conference, his mom, Manzano and Luis made a special appearance since they were all in one house at that time.

“Actually first time namin mag-meet [ni Kuya Luis] today. I met him before kasi my mom guested sa ‘Deal or No Deal’ which he was hosting siguro around 5 or 6 years ago. Now is the only time that I get to meet him again. Okay naman. More on ako 'yung nahihiya pa. I am sure we will become closer in the future,” he said.

When prodded to share what he and Luis talked about, Tria said: “‘Hey bro,’ ganun lang kami. Nangangamusta lang. Kasi he’s known me before when I was a kid because my mom worked with him when I was around 3 years old. So sinasabi lang na ang laki ko na ngayon and I grew up so fast. That’s it lang.”

Meanwhile, now that he’s also entered the world of show business, Tria is hoping to make a name for himself and not just stand in the shadows of his mom.

Although there is a huge pressure on his shoulders for being Picache’s son, Tria said his mom has been supportive of his career move.

“Before entering sa ‘Saying Goodbye,’ I was breaking down the script with my mom kasi gusto ko na alam niya 'yung plano ko for the project and maktia niya 'yung prep ko for it. I will ask also for tips. Siyempre pressured po but it’s a positive pressure na it makes you sure that you’re prepared and it’s not the type that makes you anxious or stressed. She’s very supportive naman po,” he said.

Tria acknowledged there is still a lot of room for improvements as he tries to make it as an actor.