Denise Laurel considers 2016 a challenging year


Posted at Dec 20 2016 01:51 PM


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MANILA – This year has been a very challenging time for Denise Laurel.

The actress got a cancer scare back in June, then called off her engagement with professional basketball player Sol Mercado in October.

“Health is a constant struggle. Hindi lang kapag nasabi na clear ka, okay ka na. Kailangan baguhin mo ang lifestyle mo," Laurel said when asked about her health. "I am focusing on getting healthy while working at the same time. I have cysts in my breast, my ovary. It’s not cancerous but I still have it there.”

Laurel, however, refused to go into details about the current state of her relationship with Mercado following their split.

“I already gave my words and I said na just pray for us. He is a wonderful person, that’s all I’m going to say,” he said.

Is it possible for them to maintain their friendship?

“Definitely. It’s also, to be honest, weird. We have been together for such a long time. I’d like to think that we could be friends,” she said.

Despite all the bumps she encountered in life this year, Laurel decided to just go with the flow and let God lead her to the right direction.

“Kung saan niya ako dalahin, doon ako. I don’t regret anything kasi kung ano ang nangyayari, 'yun ang sinabi ni God,” she said.