Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber drop the mic on cyberbullying

Niko Dacanay, Chalk Magazine

Posted at Dec 17 2017 05:55 PM

Prior to finding success through their stint on "Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7," Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber never thought that they would one day become one of the biggest names in an industry they only witnessed through their television screens.

Maymay could only wish of becoming an artista and dismissed her dream of joining her favorite stars in the spotlight as it seemed impossible. Edward, on the other hand, never even considered becoming a celebrity and spent his childhood writing stories and playing football. It was only when their paths merged in the Big Brother house that launched them both into stardom.

The downside of their showbiz success, however, came together with their increased exposure to the public eye. If anything, fame magnified their susceptibility to criticism. 

It's barely been a year since MayWard the love team was thrust into the spotlight, but they've already had their fair share of negativity brought about by hate comments and bashers. 

"The worst thing that anyone can ever experience is getting their family and friends bashed for no reason," shares Edward, touching on the topic of cyberbullying. "That's probably the hardest thing to read because you know your family didn't do anything wrong and they're getting that treatment because of you."

It's already difficult for Maymay and Edward to deal with growing up and finding themselves. Adjusting to life in the spotlight makes it even more complicated. So, how do they deal with all the negativity on top of their existing struggles? 

Maymay believes the strength of her faith in God is all she needs to drown out all the hate. As long as her values are intact, she can rest easy in the knowledge that no one can say anything that can discredit her. 

"In God's mirror, we are all perfect," she shares. "Ano pa ba ang ipapakita mo sa kanila kung ang importante naman ay kung ano ka sa Kanya?" 

Edward has also learned to filter out all the negativity. He chooses to focus on the constructive criticism and listen to the people who matter. 

"For example, one million people say 'Edward, you're the worst actor ever, but one director says I'm getting better, bahala na 'yung one million," he explains. In the same way, if a million fans tell him he's the best and a director tells him to improve, that one person who knows the craft will make a greater impact on him.

Amidst the negativity, what matters most is pulling through with a positive outlook and coming out stronger. 

For Maymay, she saw all the hate as just another challenge she needed to overcome. "Nagpapasalamat ako sa [bashers] dahil hindi ako makakarating kung nasaan ako ngayon kung wala sila," she relates. 

Edward also displays a wisdom beyond his years when it comes to dealing with insecurity and criticism. "Everyone has their own strength," he says, "Those who are trying to pull you down are usually the people who haven't found it yet."

Haters can come at MayWard all they want but the pair refuses to be swayed by cheap shots and low blows. These two have a long way to go, but together, they can surely overcome whatever is ahead of them with their eyes on the stars and their feet flat on the ground.

There's a lot more on #ChalkLovesMayWard coming real soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can watch this behind-the-scenes video below!

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This story was originally published on the ABS-CBN Lifestyle website.