Ice Seguerra collaborates with Sandwich for new song 'Koloring Book'

Rick Olivares

Posted at Dec 16 2019 04:45 PM

Ice Seguerra collaborates with Sandwich for new song 'Koloring Book' 1

MANILA -- Right before Filipino alternative rock band Sandwich repaired to Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas last week to record a new extended play mini-album, the band dropped on various social media their new song titled “Koloring Book” which is a collaboration with actor-musician Ice Seguerra.

“Rayms (Marasigan, vocalist and guitarist for Sandwich) told me that the song was inspired by something I posted on my Instagram account about that transgender person not being allowed inside a public comfort room and my personal struggles about the same matter,” Seguerra said.

“It seems like such an ordinary thing to use a restroom, yet why does it fill people like me with a sense of uneasiness,” he said. “When I am abroad, whether I go to a woman’s or man’s restroom, there are always questions. It is difficult because I sometimes avoid having to drink a lot of water – which is not good – so I don’t have to go to the restroom.”

“When Rayms made me listen to the draft for the song and the lyrics, I fell in love with it,” added Seguerra. “It is a totally different sound, but I love it. That is what is beautiful about collaborations.”

The song is about how people may have different skin color, beliefs, or sexual orientations and yet, the pursuits are common – life, love, a good life, and such – and that by the end of all our days, it is to ash that we return.

The recording of Seguerra’s parts was so quick. As he put it, “The process of recording it took a lot faster than eating the pizza that we ordered.”

The accompanying video was done just as quickly with Marasigan experimenting with paint and various colors at home.

“There is a beautiful simplicity to the song and the video,” cooed Seguerra. “It says a lot without saying and showing too much.”

“Some of my fans are surprised at the song and the different in approach, but it is good to get out of your comfort zone. And I think, I do understand that a lot,” added Seguerra.