'Woke up feeling lighter and happier': Michelle Madrigal had her breast implants removed


Posted at Dec 15 2019 06:49 PM

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It was just last week when she bared her plans to have her breast implants removed, describing them as "toxic babies."

Last Friday, Michelle Madrigal uploaded on YouTube her follow-up vlog about it and shared that she finally went ahead with the procedure. The clip documented the whole process -- from driving to a clinic, to her showing off the freshly removed silicons.

"I did it y'all!" she wrote on Instagram, after the operation. "I was so nervous this morning because I wasn't sure what to expect post surgery (how my boobs would look without implants)."

"Then, I woke up feeling lighter and happier knowing that I am on the way to healing and recovery," she added.


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In her earlier vlog, Madrigal, a wife and a mother, admitted that one of the main reasons she decided to have the implants removed was because of fears over the illnesses they might cause.

She first had them more than a decade, and she explained that she plans to welcome the coming new one the way she wants to. "2020 is all about healing and acceptance. They no longer serve me and my lifestyle," Madrigal said of her implants.


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Madrigal, a former actress, is currently based in the US, where she married her American partner, Troy Woolfolk, last April. They have a daughter Anika, whom they welcomed in 2017.