PBB Double Up in hot water again?


Posted at Dec 15 2009 06:17 PM | Updated as of Dec 16 2009 02:39 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Is ABS-CBN’s “Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Double Up” in hot water again?

This after Beverly Longid, president of the Katribu party-list, an indigenous peoples sectoral party, protested the “improper and inappropriate use of the bahag (g-string)” in PBB’s Monday episode.

Longid said one of the housemates “wrongly” wrapped around his waist an Igorot g-string in his task.

Longid was referring to Steve “Tibo” Jumalon who was made to wear a bahag in an effort to teach him the value of simplicity.

But there is a proper and appropriate way of wearing the garment, maintained Longid.

“While we understand that the intent of its use is to promote certain moral values, we believe it diminished the cultural symbolism and importance of the indigenous garb,” she said.

Bahag is traditionally worn by Igorot men of Cordillera and other indigenous peoples such as the Aetas, Dumagats and Mangyans.

“Any inappropriate use of our culture not only offends our sensitivities but also demeans the integrity of our customs and traditions, which we passionately defend together with our rights to ancestral land and self-determination,” she added.

She called on the PBB producers to “correct the improper use of the bahag.”

“We can extend assistance in demonstrating the proper way of wearing it and in educating the public regarding its appropriate use, not to mention the importance of upholding the integrity of indigenous culture,” she said.

Months ago, the Philippine Nurses Association Inc. (PNA) cried foul after housemate Catherine “Cathy” Remperas wore a nurse uniform as her costume. The group reportedly said that it allegedly tarnished  the good image of a professional nurse. Cathy is a nursing graduate.

The producers of the show later apologized to the PNA. -With a report from Heidi Anicete, ABS-CBN.com