Sol on Denise: 'In my heart, she's already my wife'


Posted at Dec 15 2015 03:54 AM | Updated as of Nov 01 2016 11:51 AM

MANILA -- After bringing home P1 Million and the title "Your Face Sounds Familiar" season 2 grand winner, Denise Laurel answered the hard questions with her fiance Sol Mercado on "Tonight With Boy Abunda."

Laurel and Mercado, who have been engaged for two years, were asked what holds them back from getting married.

According to Mercado, who bravely took the microphone, conflict of schedule is the main reason why they cannot plan out their wedding. He added that he does not want to rush anything, especially their marriage.

"I don't want to really rush. I want her to get the winning that she's always dreamed of," he added. "It's no rush for me. In my heart, she's already my wife."

Laurel, 27, jokingly said that they need to save up first, especially because her five-year-old son Alejandro wants to have 12 siblings: six boys and six girls.

Sol on Denise: 'In my heart, she's already my wife' 1
Laurel's son Alejandro. Photo by Michael Bagtas

Despite their busy schedules, Laurel said that she always makes time for her son, family, and fiance.

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"The moment I have free time, it goes to my son and my family that includes Sol. So, no matter how tired I am, even if I'm so sleepy, I'm really gonna take the time for them," she said.

Family and supporters

Sol on Denise: 'In my heart, she's already my wife' 2
Laurel's family and her son. Photo by Michael Bagtas

Laurel's family joined Mercado in watching her perform as Beyonce on "Your Face Sounds Familiar" season two finale last December 13. According to Laurel, it was the first time that she allowed her family to watch her perform live.

"With "Your Face" kaya ako sumali kasi I wanted to gain my confidence back. I wanted to learn how to be live on stage again, and to really push my self when I felt like it would be the perfect circle, if in the end, I invite my family and face the music. Kasi palagi akong nahihiya kapag nandyan sila eh," she explained. "This time, it's like be there. I wanna see you guys."

And true enough, Laurel won the title that night. According to the theater actress, she owes her success to the people, supporters or bashers, who watched her perform.

"I actually have to go through all my Twitter and Instagram followers. I wanna thank everybody one by one. I'm gonna be tweeting everybody who tweeted me. And I'm gonna say thank you, good or bad, because if not for them I wouldn't have gotten this far," she said. "It's really their win-- those people that voted for me."

According to Laurel, she is happy that she can finally give something to her chosen charity Caritas Manila. As for her career, she said that she is willing to accept all kinds of projects that will be offered to her.

"Go lang nang go. I'm willing to accept as usual. I never say no to anything that they give me," she quipped.

For his part, the 31-year-old basketball player expressed his excitement for the future endeavors of his future wife.

"I'm just excited for what God has planned for ahead. And that finally she wouldn't tell me 'I never won anything' because she is truly a winner in God's eyes," he said. "And her heart is for everybody else to win and everybody else to have."