‘Empowered, confident’: Michelle Madrigal marks 1 year since getting breast implants removed


Posted at Dec 12 2020 07:33 PM

MANILA — It’s been a year since she had her breast implants removed.

And actress Michelle Madrigal harbors no regrets over it as she has never felt more confident and empowered, “even with [her] smaller breasts.”

This Friday, she posted a photo on Instagram of her holding up her breast implants.

She said that after undergoing the procedure, her body “feels healthier,” clothes fit her better, and that she’s able to move more freely. “Let me tell you, I have never felt so empowered and confident even with my smaller breasts,” Madrigal wrote as the caption.

She went on to clarify that her anniversary post isn’t mean to encouragement “judgement” over those who do decide to go for breast implants. “No judgements here... if it makes you happy, do it. But do your research and make sure that it is something you truly want in the long run,” she said.

It was back in December 2019 when Madrigal first revealed that she had the implants removed.

Madrigal, who is currently based in the US, said that she made the decision due to health reasons.

“When you get older, you are going to try everything to live longer, to be healthy and that's what I am trying to do. I want to be healthy when I'm 50 so that I can still hang out with Nika (her daughter) and just live life without any foreign device in my system,” she said.