Starlet explains dad's 'enjoy rape' advice


Posted at Dec 12 2014 03:39 PM | Updated as of Dec 13 2014 12:04 AM

MANILA - Playboy Philippines cover girl Nathalie Hart explained on Friday her controversial post on Instagram about rape, which drew flak from netizens and for which she has since apologized.

On Facebook, the TV actress formerly known as Princess Snell said: "This is to humbly and publicly apologize for my post. I understand that what I stated was incorrect and irresponsible."

The photo Hart shared was of a woman sitting on top of a pile of luggage with the text: "If rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it."

In its caption, Hart said, unedited: "According to my dads lesson: If rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it! #ihavethebestadvicer #mvdadisthebest hahaha"


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The "Somebody to Love" star, in her apology, explained the circumstance in which her father supposedly gave her the advice. While she did not give details, Hart said she had been getting threatening messages and that her father thought it best to just cheer her up.

She said: "The reason why my dad said this statement to me was because I had expressed my concern to him for some things that people had been saying to me before this whole issue.

"I've been receiving hateful messages from this person that I was going to die in a most horrific way and my family would be part of it. This is why my father was trying to light-heartedly cheer me up because I was so upset. It didn't come from a place of malice or ill intent."

Coming to her father's defense, who has also become the subject of criticisms, the actress added: "Above anything else, my father the kindest, most thoughtful person I know, doesn't condone my actions and isn't to blame for my mistake." 

Hart further explained why she decided to share the "lesson" through the post on Instagram, which she has since deleted. She stressed that she regrets posting the controversial photo, adding that she has learned that rape is a sensitive subject and should not be made light of.

"I use my account to inspire myself and others. I'm now fully aware that what I said can be offensive and I take it back because rape isn't something to be taken lightly and is certainly not a joke.

"I sincerely, throughly hope that my haters and critics know that I'm genuinely sorry and understand that everybody at one point in their lives will have done or said something they regret too. This is the last time I'll address the situation, hoping for a bit of understanding that I also personally hurt by my actions and the harsh comments of others."