Here’s an unexpected team-up: Ben&Ben and LizQuen


Posted at Dec 10 2019 09:06 PM

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MANILA—Ben&Ben, and the tandem of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are names that don’t usually go together, but that can now be the case with the upcoming single of the breakout band.

The 9-member group will lend its music and voice to “Make It With You,” the 2020 series from ABS-CBN starring Soberano and Gil.

Ben&Ben’s revival of the titular theme song, originally by Bread, will be released on streaming platforms on December 13, ABS-CBN’s Star Music announced. A snippet of the track was released on Wednesday.

Since its 2016 breakthrough, Ben&Ben has become a favorite soundtrack artist in films, with the likes of “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” and “Exes Baggage” featuring their original compositions.

Early this year, “LSS,” a big-screen musical featuring the songs of Ben&Ben, cemented the band’s mark on OPM.

“Make It With You,” the series, is partly set in Croatia and follows the intersecting lives of an OFW based there, Billie (Soberano), and a young man in search of his own happiness, Gabo (Gil).