Insektlife Cycle’s debut album to be re-released by British indie label

Rick Olivares

Posted at Dec 08 2020 08:08 PM

Insektlife Cycle’s debut album to be re-released by British indie label 1

MANILA -- Filipino post-psychedelic band The Insektlife Cycle’s lauded debut album "Vivid Dreams Parade" is being re-released by British indie label Sugarbush on vinyl. 

The re-mastered songs -- minus four tracks from the original compact disc release that was put out in 2017 by fellow British label Mega Dodo -- has been re-titled "Spectacle of Dreams."

According to the Insektlife Cycle’s drummer Nal Vivo, Sugarbush discovered the band from their release early this 2020, the extended play single on vinyl, "Zookeepers’ Cardinal Healing Forum," that was jointly put out indie labels Friends of the Fish and El Ron del Mundo Records.

Said Sugarbush boss, Markus Holler: “Finally got around to playing this limited lathe cut 45 by Filipino prog instrumental band. Really good stuff. On 100 euros on Discogs already. Tsk. Tsk.”

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After some initial discussion, Sugarbush will not only re-release the debut album, but also the upcoming third opus of which the band is hard at work.

“We agreed to put out the debut album in a new format and re-mastered tracks and a new track listing,” bared Vivo. “We were instructed to keep both sides of the record to strictly 19 minutes each to maintain the quality of the recording. So the band – along with guitarists Nel Vivo and Jay Jumawan (bassist Joy Legason is currently on leave) – chose the tracks to be included.”

The band admitted that task was difficult. Even the glorious track “Sungaze” was left out.

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Only 200 copies of the "Spectacle of Dreams" will be released (on green vinyl) that will be out early 2021. 

The Insektlife Cycle’s releases have been acclaimed both locally and abroad. Their first two albums – "Vivid Dreams Cycle" and the re-named version "Spectacle of Dreams" and "Temple of the Soul" – plus all five of their 7-inch singles – "Switzerland Meets the Philippines," "Purple Gaze," "Schizodellia," "The Insektlife Cycle/Cold Bath," and "Zookeeper’s Cardinal Healing Forum" -- have been picked up by foreign indie labels. 

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Due to the low press runs of the albums and singles, the band’s releases have been rather pricey in the re-seller’s market. 

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