'La Luna Sangre': 'Magkapatid tayo', Sandrino tells Tristan


Posted at Dec 08 2017 12:28 AM

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With all the buzz over the transformation of Kathryn Bernardo's Malia, it's easy to overlook the other big reveals "La Luna Sangre" has been dropping, such as the identity of Daniel Padilla's Tristan. 

He again faced off with Richard Gutierrez's Sandrino on Thursday, but unlike last time, the archvillain had no intent in killing him. Instead, he made Tristan see his blood lineage, revealing that they may be blood related. "Magkapatid tayo," he tells Tristan. 

It was shown earlier this week that Tristan bears a curse, which, according to a prophecy, means that he is a vampire of unrivaled power. He may even be stronger than Sandrino himself. 

It remains unknown whether Sandrino's claim that they have the same father, Magnus, holds any water but fans have been eagerly theory-crafting about the newest twists, leading to the show being the most talked about topic on Twitter following the episode. 

Some are even suggesting that Malia, dubbed as the chosen one of who's destined to kill the strongest of vampires, will have to someday face Tristan, whom she is in love with.