What to expect from Season 2 of 'Fuller House'

Vince Garcia, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Dec 08 2016 04:29 PM

What to expect from Season 2 of 'Fuller House' 1
From right to left: Bob Saget, Andrea Barber, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Dave Coulier greet their Japanese fans ahead of the premiere of the second season of “Fuller House” on Netflix. Photo: Handout

TOKYO -- The second season of “Fuller House” is returning this Friday on Netflix, and one of the burning questions fans had by the end of the show’s freshman year is who DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) will end up with -- Steve (Scott Weigner), her high school sweetheart, and Matt (John Brotherton), a veterinarian she works with. 

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News, Bure, who plays the widowed mother to three kids, shared that she will end up settling down with one of her two lovebirds in the show’s fresh batch of episodes. 

“DJ will make a decision. But it still gets very complicated,” she said. 

Bure was one of the cast members who flew to Tokyo, Japan last Tuesday to launch the premiere of the show’s sophomore season. 

She was accompanied by co-stars Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) and Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler), the show’s creator Jeff Franklin, as well as Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) and Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone). 

ABS-CBN News caught with each one of them and asked to give fans a sneak peek on what to look forward to come Friday. 

What to expect from Season 2 of 'Fuller House' 2
From right to left: Bob Saget, Andrea Barber, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Dave Coulier receive a set of wreaths that spell out “Fuller House” in Japanese in a fan event held in Tokyo last Tuesday. Photo: Handout

Expect more nostalgia

New Kids on the Block will be making a guest appearance, teased the cast. 

“It was a dream come true,” admitted Bure as she described what it was like working with the popular 1980s boy band. “That was our favorite episode, mine and Andrea. We were just giddy all week with them being on the set.” 

There will also be a host of familiar faces to fans such as DJ’s ex-beau Nelson (Hal Sparks), which should make DJ’s triangle with Steve and Matt all the more interesting; and Stephanie’s past flame Gia (Marla Sokoloff), who will be reforming her high school punk band with the younger Tanner for the new season. 

Expect new faces

Fans will also be introduced to some new characters such as Joey Gladstone’s family. Coulier, who plays the uncle to the Tanner sisters, likened the fresh additions to the Von Trapps from the “The Sound of Music,” saying: “They’re very funny. I think the fans are really going to enjoy what they see. I have a very show business family so it’s very entertaining and it’s a whole new arc for my character that they haven’t seen yet.” 

Kimmy Gibbler’s brother, Jimmy (Adam Hagenbuch), who was not part of the original run of the show, has also been added to serve as the boyfriend of Stephanie. 

Expect more of Fernando

One of the stand-out stars from the comedy’s return early this year was Argentinian actor Juan Pablo Di Pace, who plays Fernando, the ex-husband/now-fiance of Kimmy Gibbler. And it seems like the show’s fans will be seeing more of the romantic hair stylist/race car driver as he moves in to the Tanner house after getting himself engaged to Kimmy once more. 

“Fernando creates a bit of a disturbance because he’s a little high maintenance, and he has a lot of stuff,” explained Barber. “They’re not happy about it,” she added, pointing to her two co-stars, “as he kinda like moved in without even asking. Kimmy —she loves him but she also loves her best friends too and so she wants to kind of keep the peace.”

“Their comedic timing and everything that they do together is so great, sweet —there’s an element of over-the-top hilariousness, but real heartfelt sweetness and affection for another,” said Sweetin of Barber and Di Pace. 

Expect to have a good time with your kids

Meanwhile, despite the negative criticism “Fuller House” has received, which the cast downplayed, Sweetin said she hopes the fans would enjoy the new season as much as they had fun making it. 

She explained that now that the reintroductions are out of the way, the cast and writers had more room to play around with it and the result is a show that the whole family can bond over. 

“I think we’ve embraced our niche of what we do —family television. And there’s not a lot of that stuff, there’s not a lot of things that parents want sit down and watch with their kids, or feel like they can. There’s not going to be something that will make them go, ‘I wish my kids didn’t see that.’ There’s nothing like that on this show. It’s fun and it’s silly and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re not trying to recreate a ‘House of Cards,’ really edgy —it’s for family television and we’re really proud of that,” she said. 

The second season of "Fuller House" premieres worldwide on Netflix on Friday.