Spoiler warning: In big twist, ‘Killer Bride’ reveals identity of Camila’s daughter


Posted at Dec 07 2019 12:13 AM

MANILA — “The Killer Bride” on Friday finally revealed the identity of Camila’s (Maja Salvador) daughter, Vida, whose apparent death as a newborn in a prison fire sparked her journey of revenge as the titular character. (Spoilers follow.)

Spoiler warning: In big twist, ‘Killer Bride’ reveals identity of Camila’s daughter 1
Camila (Maja Salvador) cries after finding out the identity of her daughter in the December 6 episode of ‘The Killer Bride.’ ABS-CBN

The revelation came as a twist to viewers of the primetime series, which in the past week has been hinting that Emma (Janella Salvador), Camila’s foster daughter, is her long-lost biological child.

But that build-up hit a curve in the December 6 episode as Aurora (Maricel Morales), the mother of Emma who had abandoned her as a child, explained to her daughter just why she is fearful of facing Camila.

Aurora was the security personnel behind the arson, which led to both Camila and Vida’s apparent demise. She was paid by Camila’s nemesis Luciano (Cris Villanueva) to carry out the crime, but was overcome by guilt and rescued Vida from the fire, Aurora now admitted.

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Upon that confession, Emma assumed that she was the baby her mother had rescued. However, Aurora clarified that was not the case.

She had initially wanted to raise Vida as her own, but ultimately decided to bring the infant to her father, Vito (Geoff Eigenmann), who by then was already married to Tessa (Loren Burgos).

In flashbacks, Aurora was shown leaving the baby on the doorstep of the dela Cuesta home, to be found by Vito. At the time, it was belatedly revealed, Vito and Tessa had been struggling to get pregnant.

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The couple took in the child as their own and raised her as Luna (Alexa Ilacad). Vida, it became clear, has been Luna all along, at least according to Aurora’s account.

A tearful Luna, who has long blamed Camila for the cold marriage of her parents, refused to believe she is Vida. It was another layer of truth to process, on top of being told for the first time that she was adopted.

Leaving no stones unturned, Camila kept captive Aurora, and bared her plans of having Luna undergo a DNA test, to settle all their doubts once and for all.