'The Amazing Race' US airs episode shot in PH


Posted at Dec 07 2014 04:54 PM | Updated as of Dec 08 2014 12:54 AM

MANILA – The remaining four teams of “The Amazing Race” season 25 went to the Philippines as shown in an episode aired Saturday to do a challenge involving mud, carabao and plow.

In an attempt to get to their clue first, the four teams — composed of dentists Misti and Jim, scientists Amy and Maya, surfers Adam and Bethany, and wrestlers Brooke and Robbie — tried to outsmart each other to get to the Philippines ahead of the others.

Although the dentists arrived last, they were able to catch up with the other teams as all of them were informed by a flower vendor that they cannot get their first clue until 6:30 a.m. the next day.

The following morning, all of them were instructed to find Salinas Specials where they got the chance to ride on the Philippines’ iconic jeepney. Upon arrival at the correct place, the teams were given the option to choose between “catch” or “coach.”

Except for the wrestlers, all teams chose the “coach” challenge which required them to assemble a side car and mount it into a tricycle.

The wrestlers, on the other hand, needed to fill in three buckets with fish which they needed to transport back to their base.

While a sudden rain made their respective challenges harder, the Wrestlers finished their task first, leading them to a rice field to find their next clue.

Although left behind by the wrestlers, the surfers, dentists and scientists were able to catch up, making their challenge at the rice field neck and neck.

According to their next clue, the teams need to dig up their next clue using “an ox and a plow,” which is the usual practice of Filipino farmers.

Upon finding their clue, the teams were instructed to head to a rice farm which will be the pit stop of the 10th leg.

The dentists finished first among the four teams, followed by the scientists, the surfers and the wrestlers.