Mo Twister keeps up Rhian Ramos abortion talk


Posted at Dec 07 2011 10:20 AM | Updated as of Dec 07 2011 11:49 PM

MANILA, Philippines – He already apologized for his YouTube tell-all video but radio DJ Mo Twister is still not done telling the world about what he feels about the alleged abortion of his child by ex-girlfriend, Rhian Ramos.

In his Twitter account,  Mo Twister (Mohan Gumatay in real life) said: "The difference between you and me dear? Your loved ones get a funeral. My 3 1/2 month old child was thrown in the trash."

He also told user @Mistacey: "You can call me loser and il agree w/ you. There was been no denial. I was in that room when one second your child has a heartbeat and the next second it's sucked out by tools and a vacuum. I'm a loser? Yes, I've lost something that I wish you won't ever have to endure."

Gumatay earlier apologized to Ramos and her home network GMA-7 after a video of him confessing to Ramos' alleged abortion leaked online.

In a statement aired over "Showbiz Rampa" on 103.5 WOW FM, Gumatay told Ramos he is sorry "that our rollercoaster relationship ended the way it did."

Gumatay said he made the video "as a memento of this tragic event," adding that Ramos knew all about it.

"Rhian knew about all of this. To a point where months ago, when they thought a lawyer was needed to aid in our breakup, that I was asked to surrender all of this 'proof' to them for it to be destroyed," he said.

"I naturally gave in to their request, because for the second time, I chose my girlfriend over the memory of our child. I specifically asked them to not destroy it, to please return it to me 50 years from now, when all this showbiz priorities and 'branding' wouldn't mean so much anymore."

Gumatay also gave this message to GMA-7: "I would like to apologize to the network for putting them in a bad light. This decision to have an abortion was not something the network instructed us to do... I understand that and I am sorry if the words on my 'video diary' depicted otherwise."

A report from ABS-CBN’s “E-Live” on Saturday said that GMA-7 is set to file appropriate charges against Gumatay "for malicious and false imputations against the network."

A leaked video diary that went viral last week showed Gumatay in tears, saying that he and Ramos will "get rid of of our baby" due to pressure from her family and GMA-7.