WATCH: 'La Luna Sangre': Malia finally transforms to save Tristan


Posted at Dec 06 2017 12:24 AM

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It's a moment that was months in the making. 

Kathryn Bernardo's Malia on Tuesday finally realized her potential as the "chosen one" and transforms into a stunning white wolf as she attempted to save the life of Daniel Padilla's Tristan.

Those who have been following the show know that Malia has had this innate power from the beginning, but her inability to tap it has been a major source of frustration for her. 

Without it, she's no match for Richard Gutierrez's archvillain Sandrino, With it, she alone is more than enough to have him scampering away and abandoning his plan to convince Tristan to join him by force. 

It's a major turning point in the fantaserye as it presents a possible power shift, with Malia now seemingly holding the upper hand against Sandrino, who was able to build an empire unchecked for years now. 

But more than that, the newest episode is also important for another reason: Sandrino finding out that Tristan bears this mysterious, glowing curse on his body. According to a prophecy, the curse means that Tristan is a vampire of unrivaled power. 

With all these game-changing developments thrown, no wonder fans of the show lost their collective heads on Twitter --a reminder on why it's the most talked about show on the social media site.