‘I wanted to cry’: What Heart did when she ‘heard a group of women talking ill about me’


Posted at Dec 03 2019 05:29 PM | Updated as of Dec 03 2019 06:28 PM


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MANILA — Heart Evangelista admittedly felt vulnerable when she overheard being the target of hurtful words, to the point of nearly crying.

The actress, however, opted to divert her focus on positivity, instead of letting the effect of what she heard linger, or confronting those who gossiped about her.

In an Instagram Stories update on Tuesday, she wrote: “Not the type to get bothered but I heard a group of women talking ill about me and I wanted to cry (maybe I’m just tired/weak today).”

“But soon after I prayed, [and] I realized: Why should I cry? They should feel horrible/dirty saying bad things about someone who didn’t wrong them, especially if they are so much more blessed compared to others,” she added.

‘I wanted to cry’: What Heart did when she ‘heard a group of women talking ill about me’ 1
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Evangelista, 34, did not give further details as to where the incident happened, nor the identities of those involved.

“Thought of the day: just keep doing good, just silently do your thing. Good will do the rest. Smile and carry on, or shall I say paint away,” she said, referring to her personal hobby which she has turned into a business venture.

This isn’t the first time Evangelista has had to deal with naysayers in her personal life. The former Kapamilya actress has been open about her experience of being bullied in high school, forcing her to eat inside a restroom cubicle at one point.