Claudine Barretto taken to hospital


Posted at Dec 03 2017 01:39 PM

Claudine Barretto was hospitalized, according to a video posted on the actress' Instagram account.

On Saturday evening, Barretto posted on Instagram Stories a video of her resting on a hospital bed with a flu mask.

Gossip website Fashion Pulis caught the video before the clip expired from Barretto's Instagram Stories feed.

The gossip website added that it was for an operation, although no specifics were given.

Claudine Barretto taken to hospital 1
Screencap of Claudine Barretto's sharing her hospitalization to her fans on Instagram

Back in June, Barretto also had to be rushed to a hospital due to her blood pressure being too low. She calmed worries from fans then, describing the incident as no big deal.

It remains unclear how long Barretto has been in the hospital. Two days ago, she posted another video of her playing around with baby daughter, Quia, after being confined.