WATCH: Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis in hilarious ‘The Mall, The Merrier’ trailer


Posted at Dec 02 2019 11:03 PM

MANILA — Star Cinema on Monday released the full trailer of “M&M: The Mall, The Merrier,” giving the first glimpse of fantasy elements in the comedy film about rival sisters claiming ownership of a mall.

Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis are first-time co-stars in ‘The Mall, The Merrier.’ Star Cinema

In the extended look at the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry, Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis are introduced as siblings Moira and Morissette, whose feud over the mall is compounded with the arrival of a third party — their Aunt Moody, played by Dimples Romana.

Soon, it becomes clear that Moody is looking to unearth a magical book for her evil plans, forcing the sisters to set aside their friction and team up against their common nemesis.

The trailer also shows glimpses of fantasy elements, with headless mannequins, toy robots, and statues coming to life and joining a full-scale war inside the mall.

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“The Mall, The Merrier” sees the first big-screen team-up of Vice Ganda and Curtis, decade-long co-hosts of the noontime program “It’s Showtime” who are known to be close friends.

It is Vice Ganda’s seventh MMFF entry since 2012, and Curtis’ fifth since 1997. Last year, the two had respective movies in the festival, with Vice Ganda’s “Fantastica” and Curtis’ “Aurora.”

Curtis has referred to the “The Mall, The Merrier” as a memorable project on a personal level, as it was filmed during the early months of her first pregnancy.