Ben&Ben opens house for upcoming concert 'Kuwaderno'

Kim Bernardino

Posted at Dec 01 2021 09:25 PM


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MANILA -- As the Philippines slowly emerges from the pandemic, Ben&Ben takes the next step by performing live at Araneta Coliseum on Sunday, December 5.

The nine-piece outfit wants to give justice to its recently released album "Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno" while treating fans to an extraordinary online show.

After several public and private shows, the band realized that nothing compares to the thrills of performing live. 

“We can’t really translate a live show experience to video because it’s just not the same. But what we can do is to capitalize on the strengths of [the video] format,” percussionist Andrew de Pano said.

“Of course, it started out as a dream, and then a vision that you cast, and then when you get people on board and the team comes together to really make it happen, then slowly [the dream] turns into a reality,” vocalist Miguel Guico added. 

Given the limitations, Ben&Ben prepared ways to further close the gap between them and the audience through film, dance, and sound.

They started to think about ways to adapt and innovate the changing environment of concert-going. They used their spare time to study foley artists and different live performances of other musicians and came up with a conclusion that adding a visual aspect to their album will add another dimension in terms of listening to their songs.

The band collaborated with Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), concert director Paolo Valenciano, and choreographer Gio Gahol to enhance the visual aspects of the concert. After all, collaboration was the defining theme of the album.

Guico further explained: “Everything has meaning… Just like any kind of art, we’re quite sure that after watching the show, since the visuals are very much intentional, [the audience] will have their own interpretations of what it means. Like, what do the colors mean? Why is it that kind of stage? What does this segment of the show mean?”

Andrew added that the video format will be very different from the usual live show, but every detail is intentional, and therefore intricate -- much like how notebook doodles still serve their purpose.

More than the collaborations, the concert is the band’s way of fighting for the narratives told in their album.

“It really feels like day one again. Since it’s a new sound we’re working on, whenever you’re introducing something, you have to fight for it… We are not resting on our laurels,” said Guico with an optimistic smile.

Despite the uncertainties felt by the band in creating their latest album, they are filled with inexplicable joy by the warm welcome of fans and listeners who have given "Kuwaderno" a new home.

The concert serves as an exhibition of their collective artistic vision through their extensive curation and collaboration with other artists. After all, the show, according to Guicol, “is made possible by the heart and brilliance of Filipino artists.”

"Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert" is not just a concert for the band and for their audience. This is an introduction to the milestones they have achieved over the years. 

An open house, so to speak, and everyone is welcome.