LOOK: 'Pastillas Girl' stars in FHM cover


Posted at Dec 01 2017 07:00 PM


Debbie Garcia and Angel Yap are locked in an intimate embrace this December. #FHMAngel #FHMDebbie

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A definite far cry from the heartbroken girl who once caught the sympathy of Filipinos, Angelica Jane Yap, otherwise known as "Pastillas Girl," is now on the cover of FHM Philippines.

She shares the December feature with model Debbie Garcia, and sees her flashing some serious skin in nothing but her undergarments, it was revealed earlier this week.

"Remember their names -- these ladies are destined for stardom," claims the men's magazine in their cover story.


Angel Yap knows how to work her angles. #FHMAngel #FHMDebbie

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Debbie Garcia is pure heat.🔥#FHMDebbie #FHMAnge l

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Now going by the name Angel Yap, she first shot to fame as this jilted lover who humorously channeled the anger she felt for being left behind into a video of her making sweets.

Her viral video earned her a segment on "It's Showtime," where the noontime show tries to find her a man to help her move on.

She has since gotten back with the man who broke her heart, and is now engaged to be married to him.

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In an interview with FHM Philippines, Yap opened up about getting her taste of fame. ""There's no guarantee," she explained. "Plus, it's up to you to sustain your momentum and that's the hardest part."

Garcia, on the other hand, is a commercial model signed with Viva Artists Agency, according to her Instagram page.